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For millennia honey has proven to enhance health and well-being. Manuka Lab™ is rooted on the technology and uniqueness held within New Zealand’s globally renowned Manuka/Tea tree bush and the UMF honey and oils produced from its nectar and leaves.

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Scientific research has vindicated Manuka Honey’s use as a healing agent and moved Manuka out of the ‘alternative’ category of medicine and into hospitals and trauma suites globally. The University of Waikato in New Zealand was the first to identify antibacterial properties in manuka honey, which spurred the development of a large industry focussed on the use of this natural healing product.

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Beautiful Skin that Endures

Replenish your body daily with powerful UMF Manuka Honey that works hard and deep to provide an intensive long lasting moisture therapy & all over well-being. Your skin will retain a nurtured and toned look and feel. …and love you more for it!

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Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley

Molecular medical microbiologist uniquely crafts her skin care with sustain-ably sourced ingredients, ensuring a balance with nature and in harmony with its inhabitants.

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New Zealand Manuka

New Zealand Manuka Ltd is a specialist Manuka company with a unique collaboration of Manuka resource landowners, specialized beekeepers and industry pioneers.

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UMF The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) Association

verifies the purity and strength of Manuka Honey’s unique properties globally. License No. 1060

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is a global nonprofit association that independently verifies only natural or organic ingredients have been used, no animal testing has been carried out and that the cosmetics have passed strict environmental and ethical standards.

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Xandra van Rooijen Brand Ambassador

Hello I’m Xandra, ambassador for Manuka Secret. I thought you might want to know a little bit about me, and my choice to represent this great new natural cosmetics brand.

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