Exfoliating revitalises your skin

Beautiful skin starts here We all know the benefit of starting afresh and creating a clean slate.  This is the secret to creating that natural glow.  It is the secret of exfoliating. Treat yourself, treat your skin Your week can be busy – work, kids, friends, life. Do you get home at the end of a busy day and find your skin doesn’t look quite the way you want it? There are so many .

What do you know about Frankincense oil ?

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Last month when my cousin, who lives in Bali, came to visit me in Holland, she shared her choice of essential oils with me. After a long Dutch winter, the Frankincense oil was so welcome on my skin, making it feel alive ! After this wake up call, I put the Manuka Secrets mask on my face, it was penetrating well as my skin was welcoming the nutrients inside this gentle yet hydrating mask. .

New Year = great skin

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Manuka Lab creator Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley is a woman that takes a completely holistic approach to skincare and all things beauty, which I love. A molecular medical microbiologist, she uniquely crafts her skincare formulas using sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring a balance with nature that keeps it in harmony with all its inhabitants. She also believes – as do I – that great skin doesn’t just come in a jar, and the New Year .

So, do you really need to use a serum?

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I might be biased as I live and die by the results of some truly great ones, but in my opinion yes you do. Often called “the workhorse” of any skincare line, serums are always a top pick of many skincare pros, including aestheticians, makeup artists, surgeons and more, I think everyone is doing their skin a disservice if they don’t have a great serum, in particular as you age or start to develop .

Holiday season life hack: Apple Cider Vinegar

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It is a given that the next few weeks’ will be awash in good food, perhaps some great wine and plenty of hitting the couch. Your digestive system will be taking a hammering, but a delicious one at that! It’s not the time to shy away from celebration by any means, but a very simple new habit will have your body thanking you when the New Year rolls around. That new habit is adding .

Making your New Year a great one – Practice the Art of Breathing

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In the lead up to New Year’s Eve we all start thinking about resolutions – things we want to accomplish or change, usually that involve putting a lot of extra pressure on ourselves to actually achieve. Come January 30, if you haven’t put some of these large goals into practice then you start getting down on yourself and abandon the whole process – and then repeat the whole thing again the following year! So .

Ingredient caution: mineral oil, classic skincare staple or major nasty?

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If you’re reading this blog then chances are pretty high that when it comes to skincare, you favour natural over chemical every time. Or at very least you are interested in making the change, and in the knowledge that can possibly help empower you to make that change. One of the first ingredients to look out for in your skincare if you’re opting to avoid “nasties” is mineral oil. It has nothing to do .

Party season prep: the alcohol edition

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Inevitably, wherever you are in the world the season will be merry. Chances are your social invites are starting to clog up your inbox, with everything from workplace Christmas parties to catch ups with old friends making their presence felt. It’s hard to put the brakes on when it comes to seasonal celebration, and for a lot of us that involves champagne, eggnog, vodka or whatever else your poison may be. We all know .

Eating your way to great skin

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When it comes to skin issues, most of us tend to turn to topical treatments and over-the-counter solutions, particularly when the likes of acne rears its ugly head. But what if, when it comes to the secret to great skin, changing what you’re putting into your body is even more important than what you’re putting on it? There are a number of foods jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that have been long-heralded for their skin .

The benefits of meditation… for the skin?

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Yep, you heard that right. A regular meditative practice does have an effect on your skin – and could be the key to achieving that all-too-elusive “glow” that the magazines are always talking about. It has been said that with stress becoming a constant part of our daily lives, it has also affected our beauty routines and the amount of time we spend focussing positively on ourselves. With high levels of stress, you are .