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Manuka Secrets Is an Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging complex rich with Active Botanicals, Vitamins & Minerals.

“Manuka Active Therapy” delivers MMP’s, Deep Cell Replenishment with Intense Long Last ing Moisture Therapy for a natural healthier lifestyle



Protection for the whole family from environmental and bacterial effects.

Replenish your body daily with powerful UMF Manuka Honey that works hard and deep to provide an intensive long lasting moisture therapy & all over well-being. Your skin will retain a nurtured and toned look and feel. …and love you more for it!


A first aid kit for family that heals naturally.

Proven through science Manuka holds an important position as the medical world works towards increasingly natural solutions to combat infections and healing that modern antibiotics are beginning to struggle with

Manuka lab will be introducing its set of oral and topical over the counter first aid that feature Active UMF18+ Manuka Honey March 2017