Skin Care


Great skin requires a daily commitment, and regular use of Manuka Active Therapy™ is the ideal way to support your skin’s health and overall well-being.

Skin “renews itself completely every 4-8 weeks, growing from deep within the dermis.

I have formulated this unique skincare line to “ex-foliate and nourish to invigorate skin replenishment from deep within the dermis, and lock in more moisture longer at the surface to retain  a youthful more radiant look and feel.”



Before using any of our collections we recommend performing a patch test prior to expose any allergies or sensitivity to any of the key ingredients.

For a face product apply to an area under the chin, and for a body product test the inner forearm.
Begin normal use if no adverse reaction is noticed within the first 24 hours, or if an adverse reaction is noticed remove product immediately with mild, warm soapy water and rinse well. 
If the reaction becomes more than moderate seek medical advice.

It is best to start use with smaller amounts and increase as your skin becomes familiar.  Changing from one skin regime to another often takes the skin several weeks to fully  adjust

Our Serum, Night Crème and Mask are loaded with active, skin loving ingredients which may display as a temporary skin warmth during normal application – if any kind of discomfort occurs please discontinue use.
 For external use only and always keep away from eyes.